Pi-Homes 3.1415 LLC. is  real estate development company who’s mission is to develop and rehabilitate Prosperity Homes.

We believe that the Prosperity Homes Model and 3E Independence present  an incredible opportunity to create fundamental positive change and a more sustainable, self-reliant and resilient individuals, families and communities. We believe in working diligently and intelligently with our investors and partners create the prosperous future we  envision.

Pi Homes founded in 2010 is a fully integrated real estate development and investment company based in Southern California. Our focus is on creating and preserving value for our equity investors through the use of our specialized knowledge of residential real estate.

The experience of the principals, the macro-economic opportunity and a deep knowledge of real estate trends has helped drive the initial model: to acquire, renovate, and sell distressed residential properties.

Being cognizant of changing real estate patterns and evolving economic landscape, Pi Homes is transitioning to become a fully integrated real estate company specializing in:

  • Development of sustainable multi-family real estate
  • Development of sustainable single-family real estate
  •  Rehabilitation of real estate into sustainable housing